Review Catastrophic damages with dams

An international energy company was looking for assistance to review their potential risks (> 20 M euro's) with their dams.

After defining the scope and agreeing on the definition of a dame, the internal information was gathered.

During 4 years the different dams around the world were visited

Beside some small remarks the potential impacts were considered as limited to 1 million euro's. 

Automotive Industry

An Italian insurer was suffering with large losses in their portfolio of automotive suppliers.

After visiting about 15 different companies, a remediation plan was created. Each new potential client within this sector was visited to verify the obtained information. A smart questionnaire was built to get the underwriter the correct info.

After 3 years the book was complete re-mediated, the smart questionnaire was fully adjusted, and the business was profitable again.

exploded transparent car

Asian Suppliers

A large manufacturing company was suffering with large losses with their Asian suppliers.

The Asian supply chain was mapped, and the worst performers were identified.

All suppliers have now a bilingual contract (English and local language). A strict monitoring and audit system is put in place with local Asian Quality engineers.

The Poor-quality rate is now strongly reduced to less than 1%.

Claims review 

A large service company would like to have better understanding of the claims.

Based on the historical claims data from the company and bench marking with their industry a study was done.

A remediation plan was created.

The implementation was followed up and corrected to achieve the agreed goal.