Our approach

We start by performing a detailed gap-analysis.

This will give us the opportunity to build a tailor-made action plan and guide the internal stakeholders to achieve their milestones.


Step 1

Define the scope and the goal of the project

Step 2

Collect all relevant data and setup an project team with the internal stakeholders

Step 3

Creating the tailor made  questionnaire by onsite investigations and meeting several co-workers. Define the minimum requirements for improvements

Step 4

Review the results and improve the guidelines where necessary.

Our Valves

C for Cohesion

We undertake with passion and believe in mutual cohesion. We like to challenge people to move into a new work environment with a better solution where we especially enthuse people

O for Observe

Observe in the sense of perceive and accomplish. We are going for a long-term relationship with our customers. We work intensively with parties that are experts in their field. We believe in companies that are not afraid to accomplish something different.

G of Greediness

To look for new paths. Dare to leave the comfort zone and offer other perspectives. We strive to be original, to stand out, to be unique by not following the masses

                         COG                                                       is a tool that make things move and                            go forward with different gear teethes but once when it turns... 


more information 

mail to info@cog.pm